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Questions and Answers

If you have any questions relating to your '"I AM" Presence', the Masters, the cycles, Angels, Guides, Dreams or Metaphysical/ Body/Mind/Spirit matters etc., please email us.  We will answer on this page or personally, if so guided. 

We'd love to help you. 


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Inner Peace Healing for Life is based in Alexandra Hills, Brisbane, Queensland 4161, Australia.

Q: Does everybody have a Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides?

A: Yes! Everyone who is incarnated upon the Earth has a Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides ready to assist them in many ways. They are ever ready to help us on our journey back to remembering  our Divinity and living free in joy, peace and love while releasing and transmutuing all fear, lack and suffering . These beings of light come to us with unconditional love of God and Goddess. They also assist us when we are in Spirit, both before and after each incarnation.

There are many Angels available to help us. You don't need to know their names in order to work with them, however there is much information availble on this subject. Spirit Guides can be past aspects of ourselves,  our ancestors, friends and those we have known before.  Spirit Guides come to us from the highest and most loving source -from those who are next to God/Goddess and of the highest vibration down through the levels of the  Ascended Masters, Saints, Religious Deitys, animal totem spirits, fairies and other elemental Beings or Beings from another time and space. They only ever pass on loving messages and words of comfort and strength.  We are all equal and we are all One, each playing a role which is perfect for us  and for the benfit of all. Some are with us for short periods as we learn particular lessons and some are with us for this lifetime and beyond. We are all helping and teaching each other, no matter how we appear at any time. 

Always ask for assistance from God/Goddess, to send the highest and the best  to you with unconditional love. Asking either through prayer or just by using the words and thoughts which come to you with loving intention is all that is required. You can ask out loud, for the power of the spoken word is great but asking quietly is OK too.

Guidance can come in many forms so be open to receive, to listen, to feel, to sense  with all of your senses. Keep an open heart and an open mind and be prepared to respond accordingly and with love in each moment.

 There is nothing too big or too small to ask for help with. Ask for strength, for forgiveness, to feel loved, to feel safe, for understanding, for specific guidance, for healing....for anything.

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

In asking, we open up to the energies from our God/Goddess Self, our 'I Am Presence', our Higher Self, our Christ Consciouness. Our Angels and Spirit Guides are a channnel for this unconditional love into the Earth Plane and into our physical existance. We bring Heaven to Earth through our efforts here in each moment by living with intention from love, compassion, kindness and with a sense of gratitude for all that we are.

So help yourself today by asking for assistance on behalf of self and others, by welcoming your 'I Am Presence', your Guides and Angels to you, by saying 'Thank you' and being truley grateful for all the help we really do receive, for our lifeforce, for our abundance, for love and for all else.  

Matthew 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.


Q: Sometimes I feel very sad and seperate from everyone, what can I do in times when I feel like this?

A: Please remember that you are never alone. Know that your Guardian Angel and many others both in Spirit and in the real world love you always. 

When deep feelings of fear, sadness, terror, loneliness or seperation arise, it is usually in alignment with the cycles of the Earth and the Universe and of course within your personal cycles too. If you share truthfully how you are feeling with others you will realize that many are feeling the same and have similar issues coming up for healing at the same time.

Asking for assistance, strength and guidance and focusing on gratitude, compassion, positivity and love, writing, drawing, playing music, reciting prayers and mantras, all help in times like these.     

 The Earth and all who dwell upon her are experiencing great change and a quickening on all levels and it seems that time is speeding up. 

As we evolve personally and as the human race, our vibration continues to rise, and so too are we able to go back into our own darkest places, to heal and retrieve aspects of our Soul, from this life and other incarnations, in order to complete karmic contracts and to bring all back to the light.

If you allow the feelings, thoughts, memories etc. which are arising to do so without judging them or pushing them away, giving yourself permission to experience fully what has previousley been held at bay, you will find that like all things, they will pass. Like a wave washing over you, allow yourself to be free from the old. Ask for healing to go back to the cause of whatever it is you are experiencing. Ask for the violet flame and golden light and the love of forgiveness and release to fill you, breathe it in until you are feeling better, and more balancnced.

If you have any crystals or essences, prayers, mantra or other healing tools, use them. Sing, write, draw, exercise, reach out and ask for help. You will notice a shift in your energies when you do all or any of these things.

Meditation, quiet time, and healthy habits, body, mind and, spirit all help you to gently and consciously release the old and bring in the new. These new energies are anchoring into your whole being and now is the time for nurturing of self, asking for help and guidance and slowing down. In this way you can be aware when all of this comes to you in its many forms.


When you feel lonely, or sad or angry or any experience any other kind of disturbance within or around you, notice  where in your body and your being you are experiencing it, give yourself permission to let go and be filled with light.

After any releasing and healing, it is good for you to renew your Divine connections and to expand yourself and rebalance your energies on all levels. See yourself as completely filled with light, radiating light and surrounded by light. Also see yourself as fully contained in a column of golden white light which connects you to your 'I Am Presence', your Divivnity, to Heaven and which flows through you and around you and into the centre of the Earth. Clear your energies (Chakras and Auric field), fill yourself, every cell and every part of your Being with violet and golden-white light, drink plenty of water, get some exercise and sunshine too. All of these help.

Also see your house and grounds, or the space in which you live/work as being filled with violet and gold light, completely, so that any energies of  lower vibration which you have released or which have been drawn to you can be transmuted

Ask for help with this, you will notice the difference. 

You can clear your personal enenrgies and those in your space by smudging, using space clearing essences, prayers and visualisations, crystals and aromatherapy too. 

 Please remember that you are Divine, loved always and never alone.

Refer to the channeled messages page on this site. Prayer to Mary and message from Kuan Yin 27/11/07 will help.