Inner Peace Healing For Life


"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)



Affirmations, mantras and prayers are positive & powerful statements, which help to raise your vibration, changing, thought patterns, feelings and ultimately your reality. Mantras and prayers work in the same way. Writing affirmations or saying them out loud or to yourself, helps to focus the mind and programs the subconscious on positive intention. Using visualisations – seeing and feeling yourself as having already achieved NOW, that which you are asking for and co-creating greatly enhances the process of manifestation.. Where you go (where your thoughts and feelings go) – so do you create!
Most importantly – stay focused on the positive and on gratitude for all that is now.
(Especially if your fears concerning what you are manifesting, start to arise as part of the process, for you to transmute).

“I AM that I AM”
“I AM Love”
“I AM unconditional Love (giving and receiving with each breath)”
“I AM Love in action.
“I AM Love and gently and willingly release all else”
“I AM at One with the family of life”
“I AM Love in each moment”
“I AM God in action”
“I AM Divine Will in action”
“I AM The Goddess in action”
“I see the God/good in all”
“I see the truth in all”
“I AM the Light”
“I AM Divine”
“I AM Love” “I AM always in the right place at the right time”
“I AM God. …………………(Say your own name)”
“I AM at peace”
“I AM at peace with all”
“I AM The Violet Fire”
“I AM completely in balance”
“I AM in balance – Body, Mind and Spirit, Work, Rest and Play”
“I AM at One with God, the Universe and all things”
“I AM perfectly safe”
“I AM free from fear…judgement…guilt…pain…”
“I AM free”
“I AM fully supported by God/Goddess, by Love and by the Universe”
“I AM confidant”
“I now face life with vitality and confidence”
“I now release all fears (and I am filled with light”
“Every cell in my body, every part of my Being is Light”
“I AM free to feel in each moment”
“I AM safe to feel in each moment”
“All is well (in my world)”
“Everything I think, say & do comes from my heart with love”
“All my choices, my thoughts, words and actions come from my heart with love”
“I create with loving intention”
“I AM unconditionally loving…and release all else (to the violet flame)”
“I AM addiction free”
“I AM peacefully loving”
“I AM free to be ME – Loved & accepted always – in all ways”

Nb: Other words that can be used in place of God/Goddess are
‘Mother/Father God’
‘The Creator’
‘The powers of Creation’
‘Great Spirit’
‘The Divine’
‘The Powers of the Universe’
‘The Universal creative energies/forces’
‘Higher Self’
‘God/Goddess Self’
‘Real Self’
‘Authentic self’
‘Universal Life Force’

Use words, which resonate with you, which feel good for you as you say them. Ask your ‘I AM Presence’, your Higher Self, your Inner Healer, your Guides and Angels help you choose which affirmation/s are most beneficial for you right Now.


'Om mani padme hum'

'I forgive you........(including self) comletely and release you to the light'


Prayer to Mother Mary (Traditional)

Hail Mary, Full of Grace,

The Lord is with Thee,

Blessed art thou amongst woman

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us

Now and at the hour of our death



from the Heart Sutra

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parsamgate, Bhodi Svaha

Gate pronounced Gat -A  - (long A sound)