Inner Peace Healing For Life


"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)


Please call upon ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, God (your 'I AM' Presence, Good, Love, Truth, Great Spirit, Greater Central Sun), the Masters, your Higher-Self and all of your Guides & Angels from the light anytme, any place and they will assist you in all things.


"Welcome at last Dear Ones to this site.
We, those of us who have completed our physical, karmic incarnations upon the Earth, and now known as the Ascended Masters, The Elohim, are here to Guide you and assist you in the completion of your own Earth journey back to love.
We are working with and channeling through Elizabeth & Trevor. Both have been in training for many years in order to receive these messages and as ‘light workers’ are consciously here now assisting in the healing, growth & evolution of the Earth & all who dwell upon her.
We are here available to those who would reach out to us, seeking the Truth, Love and Peace found only in your heart centre, your “I AM Presence” your God/Goddess self within."

“I AM “ Mother Mary, together with the purifying, transmuting energy of The Holy Spirit (The Violet Flame), Saint Germain (Keeper of the Violet Flame), Master Kuthumi (St.Francis), Master Jesus, Buddha, the Archangels and many others who will join with us at the appropriate times.
We will keep you abreast of the changes occurring within & around your Earth & the Universe, helping you to understand and to make the most of these changes as they occur.
We will share with you the newest methods, healing techniques, prayers, mantras, meditations and more being made available to humankind now.

As Mother Earth and each individual continues to be filled with Love & Light, we remember the Truth that we are co-creating with God. It is indeed your birth-right Dear Ones to embrace joy & abundance, harmony, peace and unconditional love here on Earth, allowing you to be free from all that is not."

PRAYER TO MOTHER MARY Dear Mother Mary, Divine loving Goddess I feel as if I have lost my way I feel confused, alone and in need of guidance Though I know that we are never truly alone, And that these feelings are temporary, In my hour of need, I ask for your assistance Please help me now Please be my guide through these dark times Please shine your light in my life So that I may know the way Please help me to feel your unconditional love Please give me the strength and courage to move through this situation and to transmute my darkness to light Please help me to make my choices from Love And to release my fears around… (you can state specifically what your fears are if you wish) Please help me to learn and grow from this situation To move forward from this place So that I may then shine my light, lend my strength and courage, and be unconditional Love for all others For the benefit of all Thank you beautiful Mother Amen

“Welcome to you dear ones at this time.
I Am Mother Mary. (ma –ray – mother ray) It is well known that there is much anger and sorrow and confusion upon the earth plane at this time. Many healing opportunities exist for those who still harbour darkness and fear within their beings, their thoughts, their feelings, their memories and their actions.

As you are aware, there is much available now in these troubled times which can assist all to heal and return to the light of God, which is the truth of all existence.
Allowing time for reflection, prayer and meditation and for higher energies to enter into darker places is vital. Taking steps to purify every aspect of your being at this time is what is called for in order for chaos to be transmuted and love to flow freely through and from all.

Now is the time for compassion and forgiveness and the courage to continue on guided by love despite the outpouring of lower energies.

As so many are facing their own dark creations, those who have returned to the light and know the way have the opportunity to hold out their hands and assist in any way that they can.
I ask that all remember love, compassion and forgiveness knowing that there can be no judgement. All have journeyed into the darkness in the many lifetimes here on this most beautiful planet Earth and in other dimensions too. It is time now for all beings to be remembering the true greatness which they are as the return to co-creating existence for self and for all others through loving intention.
Align your intention, your minds and hearts with your Divine Self at this time.

Learn from those who are still struggling with their creations born of fear and separation for they are bringing opportunities for service and atonement (at-one each moment) in order to remember that All is One . There is no separation from good and bad. All are here to teach and learn from each other. All here have experienced separation and are returning to the light and truth of all that is.

There are many tragedies and natural disasters occurring all over the planet as the Earth too is cleansing from many years of terror and separation and acts of cruelty and greed being committed upon her. Much blood has soaked the earth in the years mankind has inhabited her. All is being transmuted and purified.

It is up to each individual at this time to stand strong amid the chaos, to help their brothers and sisters with a loving hand and heart and to remember their own journey and that which has helped and inspired them along the way.

Ask for assistance on behalf of self and others, use intentions, prayers, visualizations, crystals and all of the many healing tools and knowledge available. Own the truth that everyone is God/Goddess/love in action, even though some appear to have forgotten. Help all to remember this truth and know that love supports you always in all ways. Your open heart and Divine mind will guide you as you remember how well loved you are through your own Divine connection.”



Remember to create with intention, from your heart with passion and love. Focus on positivity and on what you would like to manifest in your life not on what you don’t want. Where your attention goes so do you.

Release all fears, thoughts and feelings and memories of doubt and lack as they arise.

Visualize, pretend, imagine, feel, sense, all filled with and surrounded by violet light, which instantly transmutes the lower energies into the highest, loving vibration.

Next visualize, see, sense, feel, pretend, imagine that you are completely filled and surrounded by white/gold light and that what you have asked for and are creating from love has already manifested for you.

Bring it into the now - NOW.

We love you always."

It is important to be thankful to all involved for their assistance.

Say a prayer of gratitude.

 "Please remember that you are never alone. Know that your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides and many others both in Spirit and in the real world love you always. When unexplained, deep feelings of fear, sadness, terror or loneliness arise, it is often in alignment with the cycles of the Earth and the Universe. Asking for assistance, strength and guidance, focusing on gratitude, compassion, positivity and love, writing or drawing into your feelings, playing music, reciting prayers and mantras, using crystals, all help to release the old from your entire being in times like these. Since June, (around the time of the solstice) there has been a shift in the Earth’s energies. These energy changes have affected not only the weather all over the globe but of course, all that dwells upon her. Last week, many felt these changes more intensley, in alignment with the lunar cycles too, in the form of deepest pain and fears which have been held in the body and its cellular memories, arising for healing, releasing, transmuting and finally understanding. Meditation, quiet time, awareness of what is occuring with your entire Being and creating healthy habits of body, mind and spirit, including the use of positive speech, all help you to gently and consciously release the old and bring in the new. These new energies are anchoring into your whole being and now is the time for nurturing of self, asking for help and guidance in all things and slowing down. In this way you can be aware when all of this comes to you in its many forms. For those experiencing winter, now is the time for us to going within, for letting go of all that is no longer of benefit (& all else) and for comtemplating and 'sewing the seeds' for new energies in spring. For those in the summer season, notice what experiences you have created for yourself and your reality. Which ones have come from seeds of love and which have manifested from fear? As you move into autumn, you may begin to notice that which you wish to release from yourself, your life and your Being. Just as the trees lose their leaves and return to the Earth, so too can we release all. So the process of renewal, growth, release, death and rebirth continues in alignment with the cycles of the Earth and the Universe. Feeling lonely, is a sign of separation from the Divine, so renew your Heaven & Earth connections. Try visualizing yourself within a column of golden/white light from Heaven (God/Goddess, the Greater Central Sun...) and flowing deep into the Earth. Ask that your energy centres or chakras and auric field be cleared, balanced and flowing in alignment with love and the Universal loving energies. Drink plenty of water, get some exercise and sunshine too. All of these help. Please remember your Divinity always and that you are never alone. We, your Guides and Angels here in Spirit, remind you that we are ready to assist you in your daily lives in many ways. Ask us to help with the planning, the shopping, the cooking, with slowing down enough to enjoy the seasons – stress free.


     "Dear Ones, welcome again to this site and to a new dawn, a new age of learning and becoming all you have come here to be. 'I AM' Mother Mary. I come here to you with the unconditional love of God. Please remember to feel these words and the truth of this message in your hearts, in your minds, within every cell and every part of your Being. For part of conscious living is to know and to feel the truth of all which comes to you, no matter where or from whom you are receiving. Discernment and questing and questioning all, becoming aware of how you as God/Goddess sense love and truth is of the greatest value to you so you may never be led away from the light. I am here to teach you with love about many things. In your world, your personal lives, the planet, Mother Earth and throughout the Universes change is inevitable and is a natural part of growth. Much appears to be portrayed as 'doom & gloom' though if you look further into the hearts of all and see the truth, the 'immaculate concept', Gods' perfect plan, you can feel that there is more and that there is a chance, there is hope for all to be free in love, in Christ consciousness, in your true I Am/God Presence. Focus on the positive and lend no power to that which manifests from darkness & negativity. Try to imagine that everyone and everything was and is created from love and that all are on the same journey back to this Divine place. Some may not yet have remembered or are living from past memories of pain, lack, fear and separation. Also see that many are awakening, remembering love, forgiving, releasing and being filled with light. This is evolution. This is the Divine Plan and the journey for all. Embrace your birthright, your God/Goddess selves, love yourself completely, free from judgements, with compassion. Forgive all, just as you are always forgiven. Reach out and ask for help from We, your Guides and Angels who love you and from those who share your lives on the Earth plane. Open, honest communication from the heart with love, seeing the Divine in all, and giving love and assistance or asking on behalf of those who do not yet know how, are powerful steps which help all on their own journey. "Do unto others, as you would have done to you" "Love one another as I love you" Time out for quiet reflection, re-balancing and asking for help, guidance and understanding is important too. Many are experiencing dying, death and rebirth at this time. Many great healing opportunities arise as the Earth becomes filled with light, her vibration being raised, karmic ties from this life and lives/times past are manifesting for learning and releasing. Time is Now for conscious living, for seeing the God/good in all. Call, pray to me and I will hear you. Be still, be aware, and listen for my presence and for your answers and guidance. Many others who have ascended from the Earth plane are available to assist all those who reach out and who go within themselves, to their secret heart space where the truth, the power, love and wisdom of the great 'I Am' Presence resides. Time for all to return to innocence (inner-sense) and to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Peace and goodwill to all men and unto you all, I wish you the greatest love for "I Am" the Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, the violet fire available to all who seek the truth. Peace & Blessings to all. It is done."



     "Dearest Ones, I Am here for you now and always with love and compassion. I come to you with the love of God and the Goddess, Mother/Father God. I Am known to many as KUAN YIN (One who hears the cries of the world), or the Goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness. I Am known as Chenrezig or Avalokitishvara in my masculine form. I Am here with you as a Being of Light, staying and assisting all within the earth plane to be free from suffering (Samsara, the outward world). I have stayed my own return to Nirvana until all are indeed free from fear and karmic ties and living from their Divine heart and mind. I have often been depicted as having many heads and arms/hands as I am here to assist and guide you in many ways in all things. Please remember to hand to me your burdens and worries so that I may release you from them and fill you with unconditional love. You will return to being pure living light. If you find yourself worrying and feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, tired and drained of energy – STOP. Take time out. Just a few minutes – it’s worth it.

Meditation with Kuan Yin (releasing your burdens)

Begin to take some conscious, calming breaths and bring your attention back to the present moment where all is well. Next, try to visualize, imagine, see, sense or feel, that which is causing you distress. You might see it as a dark cloud hanging over you, or as burden like a bag or a sack that you are carrying or dragging along behind you or that may be attached to you by a cord or by some other means. Some may see or hear words describing the situation, thoughts or feelings. You may experience a colour and size of that which is creating a disturbance in your energy field and life (force). Whatever you experience is perfect for you. There is no right or wrong way to this part. Intention is everything! As you call to me for assistance I AM with you. See me before you. Feel my love and compassion. Offer up your burdens to me so that I may help you. Begin to feel my love and compassion filling you as give yourself permission to release all. Allow me to take and transmute all - for you and for the benefit of all. Now you are filled with light, violet (transmutes all), pink (unconditional love and forgiveness) and gold (Divine light). This light shines forth from you and radiates in all directions. It moves along the energetic lines of attachment to all those people, thoughts, feelings, and burdens until they become filled with light as they are disconnected from you. You are merciful and compassionate and so forgive yourself and all others in order to heal the wounds from the ties that have kept you bound. You are now filled with Divine light and the energy of your higher and creative God and Goddess self. Once again focus on my presence with you. I offer you a gift of love, which you take and place into your heart. Now we ask and use our intention that this beautiful healing and releasing be sent to and received by all who are in similar situation. Remember you are love. You are Christ/Buddha consciousness. You are the ‘I AM Presence’. Take several gentle, conscious breaths as you feel yourself returning fully to the now. Thank you and well done!"


'OM Mani Padme Hum"

"This is Om Mani Padme Hum, the famous mantra of Chenrezig, written in Tibetan script. It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha are contained in this mantra. Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), out loud or silently to oneself, invokes his powerful benevolent attention. Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect, and it is often carved into stones, placed where people can see them." ( This principle applies to all mantras and words of power, including prayers and affirmations which have been used throughout time. The intention of all those who have ever used the mantra, including self (even from past lives) is attached energetically to the words and tones. No matter from what religion or to which Deity the mantra applies or whether the words are for personal growth such as "I am love in each moment" or "I AM abundant and Divine" or simply "OM", words and prayers repeated silently or spoken out loud, raise your vibration and take you to a higher place. So whenever you need a pick-me-up, or are asking for something on behalf of self or when praying for another, focus on love and intention, ask for help and start chanting, praying or singing. It really works! (for more Affirmations, prayers and mantras please go to that page on this website)


14 Sept 2006
It is with great pleasure that we come to you.
Love of God, The Father and of The Goddess and Mother flows to you always, through your entire being, in each moment. Open consciously to this Divine flow and begin to feel this love and to know this great love. Allow this love to heal, to bring release from all that is not love and embrace freedom and peace now.

Recently some well-loved and well-known Souls have completed their journey and left the Earth plane, (Steve Irwin & Peter Brock). There has been an outpouring of sorrow and an opportunity to grieve not only for the loss felt at the departure of these beautiful Souls, but also for the loss of loved ones who have passed over and for whom the grieving process is not yet complete.

Many of you are ‘experts’ at holding on to past hurts through the busy-ness of your lives and the learned belief that ‘getting on with it’ as quickly as possible after experiencing a death or loss of any kind, is the best thing to do.

Feeling in the now and flowing with the healing opportunities of the Earth’s cycles allows for completion to be gentle and easy. Honour and acknowledge all that is felt with compassion and forgiveness and allow love to flow.

And so, please understand Dear Ones, that when death occurs, or something which brings up terror and helplessness (eg. Princess Diana’s death & the events of September 11), affecting whole communities and countries globally, there is a coming together of the Earth’s people for a common cause. A healing opportunity for all on the Earth plane exists and from this release and transmutation, love and peace and a return to joy will fill the place where sorrow, anger, unforgiveness and separation once dwelt.

Of course births, natural beauty, sporting events and so many other positive occurrences bring people together in joy with feelings of love, well-being, support and harmony.
Allow yourself to flow with the cycles of the Earth and the Universe. Embrace in each moment all that you feel, with the knowledge that many, many others are feeling the same way at the same time.

All things shall pass.

There is no separation from each other, from love, or from God & Goddess – only forgetting.

Truly, all that is not love is being felt now – for now is the time to be free and to remember.”

I AM with you in each moment,
With every breath
I AM life
I AM with you with every thought
I AM with you as you feel - everything
I AM with you as you experience life
In all its many forms
I AM All that is
I AM with you as you learn and grow
Joyously and with wonder
I AM with you as you walk naked
Vulnerable and strong
I AM with you as you return to innocence
Seeing the beauty in all
I AM with you as you remember
That LOVE is all there is
I AM Mother/Father God
I AM the Light
I AM Love
I AM that I AM
And we are One