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"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)



Channeled Readings
Enlightenment for your journey

Receive messages of love, healing & guidance from your God/Goddess Self, Mother Mary, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and those Spirit Guides who love you unconditionally.
Understand the energy flows, thoughts, feelings, karmic ties, Universal laws, past lives and relationships which influence your life.
Our intention is always to share with you, exactly what is most beneficial at the time. Cards can be used for confirmation, as guided. Mother Mary will also bring through any loved ones who have passed over, if this is part of your healing.

We also offer healing sessions for specific issues, including :- Inner Child Work, integration of past-lives & other aspects, issues relating to addictions, grief, separation, anger, fear and pain, all of which we have come here to release, to learn & grow from.
Our intention is to gently, easily & consciously assist in healing back to the cause of any disturbance or dis-ease.
Using cutting edge techniques and unconditional love, the Body, Mind and Spirit can be free from fear & the 'ties that bind'. Bringing all back into balance and anchoring in of your Divine Blueprint is the desired outcome.

Healing sessions involve various modalities, such as Divine Spiritual healing, chakra balancing & aura clearing, Emotional Fredom technique (EFT), Australian Bush Flower essences, Aura Soma, muscle testing, drawing, music, crystal therapies and more.
Healings can be 'one-offs'- though they are intense and so we recommend special care of oneself afterwards.
More conscious healing involving a few sessions as guided, self-monitoring and back-up afterwards enables you to fully integrate and understand the changes as they manifest in your life.

Consciously 'being' in the now, with each breath is the key to a peace-filled, joyous and abundant life.

Intend to live your life as your Divine-self, your 'I AM Presence', from a love-filled and fear-less space.
Always ask for Divine help, knowing that in this way you are co-creating with all that is LOVE and for the highest good of all.

All who are guided to us for healings & readings are added to our absent healing list and so are sent love, light and healing energy every day & are always included in our prayers.

All Soul Readings are very healing as old energies are transmuted back into love. Elizabeth(I AM), will pass on guidance to you from your God/Goddess/Highest Self and from those unconditionally loving  Spirit Guides and Angels who are always ready to help you for the benefit and understanding of your Souls journey. Soul Readings include chakra balancing and clearing of energies within and around you as well as receiving knowledge of how to maintain this healthy state of being. You will feel lighter and more confident in yourself and your life choices as you receive guidance and understanding from your Highest God/Goddess Self.

The Guidance and healing energies from your reading will be anchored in to your Being at the end of each reading, as you choose and use an Aura Soma Essence from the Ascended Masters Quintessential Range. Also available are Ascension Essences and Australian Bush Flower Essences to assist in your healing if required. These completely safe and very powerful healing Essences are available for you to take home and use if you choose. ($15.00 ea)

SOUL READINGS AND HEALINGS are channelled from the Mother/Father God ("I AM Presence", Great Spirit), Mother Mary, The Ascended Masters, and your Spirit Guides and Angels for the benefit of you living from your Highest Self. Sometimes, if it is part of your healing, your loved Ones who have passed over may be brought through with a message for you.

If you would like, there are a variety of cards available from which you can choose to enhance your reading : Goddess, Angels, Fairies, Tarot, Crystal Allies, Animal Spirit Guides and more...

Other types of readings available are: Psychometry, Aura Readings & Clearing, Crystal Ball readings, Past Life Readings or just have specific questions answered. The intention of all readings is that You receive the information and Guidance which you have come for and which is of most benefit for you right now.

Readings and healing with Liz are available in-person, or on the phone/skype ($3.00 per minute payment via Eftpost, credit card or paypal), by appointment only, and via e-mail, or voice recording sent to you on-line or on disc or tape.

Soul Readings & Healing 

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 DIVINE HEALING (for specific issues) Experience powerful gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing in a safe and nurturing environment. Our intenion is to assist individuals in the conscious healing 'back to cause' of any energetic blocks and imbalances which may be creating illness or suffering. It is recommended that you allow quiet time and space for yourself after any healing session, in order to maximise the healing opportunity and to integrate any changes gently and easily.

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY SESSIONS... Safe, Nurturing, incl. reiki

with Dr Trevor Soole


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