Inner Peace Healing For Life


"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)


Meditation with Kuan Yin & Mother Mary ( for releasing your burdens, fears and worries)

Sit or lie in a place where you can be comfortable. Light a candle if you wish to represent all that you are releasing. Begin to take some conscious, calming breaths and bring your attention to the present moment where all is well.
Next, try to visualize, imagine, see, sense or feel, that which is causing you distress. You might see it as a dark cloud hanging over you, or as burden like a bag or a sack that you are carrying or dragging along behind you or that may be attached to you by a cord or by some other means. Some may see or hear words describing the situation, fear, thoughts or feelings. You may experience a colour and size of that which is creating a disturbance in your energy field and life (force). You may feel where you are holding it in your body and auric field. Whatever you experience is perfect for you. There is no right or wrong way to this part. Intention is everything! As you call to us for assistance We are with you. See us before you. Feel our love and compassion. Offer up your burdens to us so that we may help you. Begin to feel our love and compassion filling you as give yourself permission to release all. Allow us to take and transmute all - for you and for the benefit of all. Now you are filled with light, violet (transmutes all), pink (unconditional love and forgiveness) and gold (Divine light). This light shines forth from you and radiates in all directions. It moves along the energetic lines of attachment to all those people, thoughts, feelings, burdens and fears until they become filled with light as they are disconnected from you and transmuted into love. Use your intention and ask /state that this healing go back to the cause. You are merciful, non-judgemental and compassionate and so forgive yourself and all others in order to heal the wounds from the ties that have kept you bound. You are now filled with Divine light and the energy of your higher and creative God and Goddess self.
Once again focus on our presence with you. We offer you a gift of love, which you take and place into your heart. Now we ask and use our intention that this beautiful healing and releasing be sent to and received by all who are in similar situation. Remember you are love. You are Christ/Buddha consciousness. You are the ‘I AM Presence’. Take several gentle, conscious breaths as you feel yourself returning fully to the now. Thank you and well done!"


Playing soothing music, creating a 'sacred' or special place where you can be still and away from distractions and 'sitting' at the same time each day can all help to set intention & focus positive energies for you. (Once you are practiced at it, the re-focusing and re-balancing of the self can be achieved anytime, any place, in just a few minutes.

**Sit comfortably & quietly with your eyes gently closed. Begin focusing on each in-breath and each out-breath. Give yourself permission to be still, to relax your body and your mind, to feel peace-filled and calm. Don't worry if your mind wanders or you can't settle, (this comes with practice) just keep returning to the natural rhythm of your own breathing. Begin to imagine, see, sense, or feel that your body is being filled with light and love as you breathe in and out. Mantras can help with this. For example "With each breath in 'I AM' filled with unconditional love and with each breath out, I release all else." Repeat 3 times or until you feel clear from all of the days energies. Continue 'breathing in love and breathing out love' until you feel completely relaxed and at peace.

To begin, try to sit for at least 5 minutes. You can gradually increase this time as you learn new techniques for relaxation and meditation. When you are ready bring your attention and focus back to your body, to the room, to the present moment.

Take a full deep breath.

Welcome back.

Well done.



a perfect mantra to use
when focusing on your heart centre
& breath during meditation



STRETCH, Breathe, Relax & Meditate Everyday

for flexibility of Body, Mind & Spirit

We can also post or email your own personal, channeled 'Meditations from your Highest Self, The God/Goddess' for relaxation & healing & to assist you in all areas of your life.

Please email us for more details if you are interested.



*Live your life as your gentle, loving, compassionate & powerfully creative God/Goddess self.
*Learn about the Laws of Attraction, The Violet Flame, and other cutting edge techniques available to all now to assist in the Ascension Process.
*Embrace your Divinity and your birthrite of living abundantly, joyfully, knowing the truth that you are Loved and supported (by love)in each moment
*Understand how your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings and words create your experiences.
*Begin to co-create your reality from love - free from fear and suffering.
*Feel the love and guidance from your Higher/God/Goddess Self, The Ascended Masters, your Guides & Angels.

This channelled course will introduce you to healing & relaxing techniques allowing you to tap into your own innate healing abilities or your 'healer within'. Meditation, chakra healing and balancing,using crystals, Essences and more.
Creating and maintaining harmonious, peacful and loving energies within and around you and your family will be a breeze. Have fun, with like-minded Souls in a safe and friendly environment.


Course date : to be advised. If you would like to experience for yourself anything which we offer, please phone or email us. We'd love to hear from you.