Inner Peace Healing For Life


"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)




Message of the DOG

Faithfulness, Loyalty, Boundaries

Are you being your own best friend?
Are you following your own heart & guidance or someone else's?
Are you being motivated by love or fear?
Is it time to ask a friend for help?
Do you need to say no to others requests for your time & yes to time for you to balance & re-centre.

When you take time out to be with your own best friend, your dog, or when you see a dog out & about, take a moment to reflect on the message Mother Nature is showing you.

The Rhythm of Life is a powerful thing! It is so important for each of us to spend time 'getting back to nature', allowing ourselves to return to the natural rhythms & cycles of the Earth & the Universe. Walk in the park, or by the sea, play with the family pet, stop to smell the roses or look closely at the beauty and complexity of a flower, feel the sun on your skin, do some gardening, notice the cycles of the moon or the expansiveness of the starry night sky.... All of these things and more will help you to feel more grounded & in tune with your body and release you from the busy-ness & pressure of day-to-day living. When we choose to live in alignment with the Earth's cycles, we can consciously understand & work with our own cycles, feeling in the now and making the most of every opportunity for growth and healing as it arises.


Message of the CAT

Self-healing and Intuition

Cats are very sensitive & psychic animals. Notice your cat's behaviour. Is your feline friend trying to let you know about the energies which are around you now? Follow your intuition, ask for help, watch for signs and you'll know what to do. Have you been too busy and become out of balance in some areas of your life - Body, mind and Spirit - Work, rest & play?
Time to follow your intuition & lighten-up.
Meditate. Plan for more 'fun' and relaxation.
Slow down enough to listen to your body and your entire being. Breathe light & healing into all areas of your life.
Ask yourself - 'What areas of my life could benefit from some positive attention right now?"
Have you been receiving any repeated messages concerning your life? Eg: Have an early night, take multi-vitamins, time for an increase in physical activity, forgiveness required, out with the old - in with the new.
Is it time for you to ask for assistance in some way?

Remember to ask your Guides & Guardian Angels for help.


Message of the SPIDER

The web of life & creation, interconnectedness

What are you creating? Who and what are you allowing into your own web?
If you have been noticing the spider trying to give you a message, love it and say thankyou to it (please don't kill it).
Sometimes thoughts, feelings, old behaviours and reactions, people and experiences which no longer suite us and which are no longer beneficial to our well-being are still caught up in our own webs, our creations and our lives.

Take note and become more conscious of all that is influencing your life in each moment. Ask yourself what you wish to remain and what you wish to release. Then give yourself permission and let it all go!

We often have old ideas and incomplete projects which we are not going to bring to fruition due to changes in our circumstances and our lives. Though we don't give these old ideas and projects much attention, we still have our energy attached to them. Give yourself permission to release all that you no longer require.
Ideally, we feel better and lighter when all of our energy is in the now, not in the past or in the future.
As we grow in love and move along in our life's journey, it is good to regularly release all, so that we can be ready and have space within ourselves and our lives for newness.

Light a candle, with the intention of releasing all (to the violet flame). Fill yourself, your life and your creations with golden light. Ask for help (of course), offer it all up, relax and be open to allow peace, joy, abundance and all that comes from love into your web. You'll notice the difference!