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"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)


Do you have a Ghost in your house or workplace?

Is your Home and workplace filled with positive, loving and harmonious energies which nurture & support you and your family?

Call us - we will cleanse your house or work place leaving it ghost-free, poltergeist-free, and clear of all low-level, negative energies.

Are you ready?

Time to unclutter, release and be free and clear, gently and easily - body, mind & Spirit.



-                                                                                                                                                                                                       House Clearing, Spiritual Feng Shui & Ghostbusting 

    It’s your birth rite to live in a space free from old, stale & negative energies left by you & others. These energies can affect your health, vitality & well-being. Clearing these energies & anchoring in love & light on all levels will free you, your family &/or your workplace, so that all can experience feelings of safety & well-being always.

   Ideal when selling or buying new premises or when feeling ‘stuck’ in your life.

Each clearing is unique & is healing for those involved and facilitates change on all levels.  

 Price from $300  (lowset, 2bdrm, sml yard) + km's

Sometimes clearings can be done from a distance with out the need for a personal visit  $150.00


Peter from Morningside

"Our office was an old house that had been moved in from the country. We were experiencing our beds being shaken violently in the night. Our computers kept switching off and having words appear that were not typed by any of the staff. Scissors and pencils were constantly disappearing, just to name a few things.   "After Liz and Julie cleared the house of several earthbound spirits and negative energies, everything was much more peaceful and the computers functioned properly. The next day I witnessed a message being typed on my computer which simply read T H A N K Y O U.

We know that this was from the spirit of the elderly ghost who came with the house when we bought it."

Anna from Park Ridge

 My 5 Year old son was seeing the ghost of a man in the house who would talk to him and frighten him daily. He also had nightmares every night.

Liz and Julie came and did and extensive clearing on the house and property. That afternoon, as soon as my son walked in the door from school he told me quite happily that all the ghosts were gone.. I was so relieved. Also that afternoon, when my husband came home from work, he promptly began clearing away all the junk and mess from the back yard which I had been asking him to do for a long time."