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"I AM that I AM" (GOD and GODDESS as Love in action)

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Who are we?

Spiritual Medium, Healer, Clairevoyant and Metaphysical Teacher
My journey in this lifetime has taken me through many doors. From a young age I could see, sense, hear and feel my Guides and Angels and the spirits of those who had crossed over as well as being sensitive to many other forms of energy within & around the all Earth. I have always had a great love for Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her and my life has been driven by the need to understand the relationships which exists between all things.
As an adult, I began to channel consciously the energy of God/Goddess, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germaine, Abraham, the Elohim, Master Kuthumi (Saint Francis), Melchizadek, David, Buddha, Kuan Yin, the Archangels and many more Ascended Beings who came to guide and teach me, to help me with my own healing journey and to live in a way which can benefit all.
My intention has always been to work with the 'highest and best' who come from The Mother/Father God (Great Spirit, Divine Creative Energy, 'I Am Presence'...) with unconditional love, and to learn the 'cutting edge techniques' available in order to help others. I am able to sense on many levels the energies of others, allowing me to assist those guided to me in their own healing journies, embrace their birthrite, release fear and live consciously in the Now and to heal any imbalances which they may be experiencing.
Part of my mission here has been to help people to cross-over peacefully, and to assist Earthbound Souls back to the light. This enables them to be free to continue their own journey after this life. This is also known as Soul rescue.
We, (my Guides & I), have taught many people about their own Divinity, their Guides & Angels, and how to communicate with them, about how to understand their life's/Souls journey, to find peace and live from love and be free from fear. I have been initiated through many levels of consciousness, have crossed-over back to Spirit myself, while completing my own Soul's healing journey, and have thankfully been guided closely by The 'I Am Presence', freeing myself from karmic ties, clearing past lives, integrating aspects and being taught how to anchor in the Divine Plan or blueprint. Together, we have assisted many others to do the same.
Through personal readings and healing sessions, passing on messages from 'Higher Self', Guides and loved Ones who have crossed over, clearing negative energies & entities (from auric fields and houses etc), teaching conscious living, yoga & meditation, our intention is to bring all to a place of unconditional love in each moment, and to help all to reach their true potential, living from their '"I AM" Presence', their God/Goddess self. I have studied many forms of healing incl. Shamanism, Reiki/Seichim, past Age Clearing & Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Soul/Divine Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit - all supported by the use of various forms of vibrational healing techniques(Crystals, Aura Soma, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Ascension Essences, Aura and Chakra Healing and balancing, dream analysis, muscle testing and more).
I am a mother of two beautiful children. I have always lived here in sunny Brisbane, Australia though my work allows me to assist people from all around the world. Trevor and I are here to teach, to heal, to guide others gently to a place free from the fears and restrictions of the lower consciousness, to live from love in peace and harmony with all beings.
Scarlett is a qualified Beauty and Massage Therapist, earning her Diploma of Beauty at the Endeavour College of Natural Beauty in Brisbane. She is passionate about helping others to feel healthy and happy and loves to use organic skin and bodycare products which are not tested on animals.